Kelly Creative Personal Branding

Obviously, I worked on my own personal branding! It's always a different kind of challenge when you're your own 'client'. But I love how it turned out! I think it hits the note of beachy, casual, clean, fun, modern, & female-focused πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

How's your branding? Keep in mind, it's so much more than the visuals. A brand is the root of your business. Why you do what you do. The visuals are just the exterior. They should do a good job of communicating what your brand is all about, but if you don't have the deeper meaning good design can only get you so far.

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I started off by hand lettering kelly, creative, and some possible logo marks. I like just exploring to see what looks good! And I get inspired using an actual pen and paper before I use the computer.

Once I got a version that I liked, I scanned it in and created this logo. The rest of the brand, like color scheme and mood board, developed slowly as I went through my old photos and projects. The final step was creating this branding board to refer to!

Kelly Creative / Branding Board / Graphic Design Inspiration / Logo Mood Board

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