Hi! I’m Kelly! it’s nice to meet you. For the past 10 years I’ve been working with women’s lifestyle brands doing branding, web design, and photography. But recently, I’ve decided that I want to help even more people with their photo and design skills!

I've had so many people ask me about photo editing (especially for Instagram!) that I decided to put everything I know into a helpful little guide. I’m excited to show you my techniques so that you can improve your photography skills and get creative!

How to Edit Photos on Your iPhone

In this 30+ page guide, you'll learn:

+ The Best Lighting
+ Photo Composition Tips
+ My Go-To Editing Apps
+ All the Editing Tools Explained
+ My Favorite Filters (I get specific!)
+ Selective Adjustments
+ My Step-By-Step Editing Process
+ My Favorite Apps for Fun Effects
+ Tons of Examples

If you’re a photography beginner, this guide is perfect for you, because I’m not just giving you a Preset or instant filter... I actually teach the principles of photography and editing so that you can learn HOW to achieve the results you want ✨





Not a photographer? Don't worry! Hundreds of people have downloaded the guide and used it to improve their photography :)


“Before Kelly taught me her tricks my feed was over saturated, didn’t look good together, and had lots of harsh shadows. Over time, Kelly’s tips transformed my feed and now people DM me all the time asking how I edit my photos! Use these tools and you will start feeling like a pro yourself! I recommend this guide to anyone and everyone because if I can do it so can you! Now I enjoy the time I spend editing my photos and actually have fun doing it!"



“Kelly's guide is a game changer! I am a social media director and manage the photography and layouts for our company's Instagram account. We really needed to boost our overall look and feel for a more beautiful social media page. I used her editing advice from Snapseed and VSCO and my photos changed drastically! It honestly was like day and night...I feel like I can now successfully edit and create images for myself and others."




I seriously LOVE it when people slide into my DMs with rave reviews about the Photography Guide! 💁‍

It's so cool to me that hundreds of people have downloaded the guide!!! I've always wanted to share my tips & techniques with aspiring creatives!



It's not some dry, boring PDF with tons of text! The pages have lots of pics and examples too :) Here's a quick sneak peek!

Once you check out, I’ll send you a link to your guide ASAP so you can download it today! It's a PDF so it will work on all computers and phones. You'll be able to read it at your own pace, and keep referring to it in the future!

How to Edit Instagram Photos for iPhone


This guide is perfect for you if:

✓ You're a photography beginner who wants to learn the 📸 basics ✓ You're not ready to invest in an expensive camera or software ✓ You love Instagram and wish your feed looked prettier ✨ ✓ You see tools like "highlights" and "structure" in your editing apps and have no idea what they mean ✓ You love beautiful photography and want to step up your photos! 💕

This guide is NOT good for you if:

X You're already an expert with a fancy camera X You don't care about photography and like dark, dull photos 😜 X You just want a quick preset and don't care about learning how to edit


Most online photography courses are hundreds of dollars (and require you to have Photoshop or Lightroom). With this guide, you’ll get a ton of information for only $24 and be able to edit on your iPhone with free apps!

You ready to take that first step to becoming a better photographer? Just click the button below to get your guide today!



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