My Photography Journey: How I Got Started

I was the kid that begged my parents for a camera. This was way back before iPhones and even digital cameras were pretty new. I dunno what was pulling me towards photography, but I just needed to take pictures of EVERYTHING.

When I was about 13 years old (so 17 years ago 😱 how am I 30 already??!) I got a tiny little digital camera and an old film camera to practice on. A lot of my first pictures were horrible!! Blurry, out of focus, not interesting, it was bad... But I was young and didn't really know any better. I wasn't comparing myself to anyone or anything (this was before the days of Instagram) so I just kept going. I never stopped taking pictures, and slowly but surely I improved.

A couple years later, I started to get the hang of things. The photos below are from 2005, taken on my film camera during a family vacation. Looking back at these images feels so strange because I see how far I've come but I also see the potential I had the whole time.

 If you're thinking about photography or just starting out, my advice to you is - (and I know this sounds cliche but...) just keep going. Don't be discouraged by blurry photos. It's frustrating when your skill isn't at the level you want it to be, I know the feeling. But if you continue to take pictures, you'll improve with every image. And eventually you'll be able to create work that you're proud of!

And maybe you'll look back at your photos in 13 years and think, "hey these we're so bad after all" πŸ˜œ


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This little cheatsheet has my #1 lighting tip for taking beautiful pics. It's a gamechanger! And the best part is that it works with phone pics too! No fancy equipment needed.


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