I Spent 2 Weeks in Dubai

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Just got back from two weeks in Dubai. Whoa. What a surreal place. Honestly, it exceeded my expectations by a lot. The architecture is beautiful, everything is so clean, and I kinda loved being at the beach in 82° weather in February.

If you’re planning on going, here’s a few cool things to do:

Burj Khalifa
Tallest building in the world! You can go up for a drink at the top, or watch the light & fountain show from the ground as you stare up.

Dubai Mall
One of the biggest malls in the world! They have literally every store you could image. The Fashion Ave section is beautiful and fun to window shop 👀

Burj Al Arab
This is a super luxury hotel and an iconic Dubai building that’s out on the water. There’s two bars on the 27th floor which are worth a visit to get a drink and a view of the city.

A Desert Safari
Going out to the desert was such a cool experience because it’s so vast & beautiful. Plus you really get a sense of what the area was like before Dubai was built up.

The Lourve Abu Dhabi
100% recommend going to the Lourve in Abu Dhabi. It’s about an hour away from Dubai so it’s not a far drive, and the museum itself is gorgeous.

Zayed Mosque
Hands down one of the coolest things we did. This mosque is so beautiful (although there will probably be tons of other tourists there with you).

Have you been to Dubai? Let me know if you have more tips!


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