I'm Kelly, it's nice to meet you πŸ‘‹ I do branding, web design, & creative strategy for female-focused brands.
I also help aspiring creatives with their photo and web design skills! I create guides, videos, and tutorials to help you learn the creative tools to achieve your online dreams. I'm here to help!



I've had so many people ask me about photo editing (especially for Instagram!) that I decided to put together a guide with photography tips and a step-by-step ediitng process to get bright, beautiful photos :) The best part? No fancy camera needed! It's all about editing right on your phone.





Heyyy! I'm Kelly, nice to meet you πŸ‘‹ I've always had a creative side. When I was a kid I took painting classes, was obsessed with Kid Pix, and then joined Yearbook in high school so I could use Photoshop in the computer lab πŸ€“

When I graduated from USC as an Art major, I realized that I didn't want a boring job... I wanted to make a career out of being creative. So that's exactly what I did 😏.

For the past 10 years I've worked with several women's lifestyle brands doing:
- graphic design
- web development
- creative direction & branding
- digital marketing & social media

I currently live in Venice Beach, CA,
but I'm always traveling and spend a lot of time in NYC.


 Whether it's creating a logo, making the perfect instagram feed, or finallllly getting that website up and running - I love sharing creative tools that will bring your ideas to life. 

Wanna get to know me even more? πŸ‘‡



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And while you're waiting, I'll send you a few of my best tips & a little preview of the guide. Sound good? Watchya waiting for?!


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